Water Recycling System

Water is the means for subsistence in this eco system. Our basic existence and development over the centuries was surrounded near the source of water. From the dawn of history, water management has been the primary aspect of governance. However, with the increase in population and the lack of proper awareness, this critical lifesaving resource is depleting.

Water saving through ATS ELGI’s AQUA-R water recycling plant empowers you with a guilt free solution to washing vehicles, with water.

ATS ELGI’s evolution over 5 decades in the washing equipment has always been a conscious effort to manage and reduce water consumption for washing vehicles. To compliment this, ATS ELGI is proud to launch AQUA-R, which has limitless recycling capabilities and zero discharge of waste water.

  • Exclusively designed for handling vehicle wash waste water
  • Faster sludge settling technique
  • Less volume of sludge generation
  • Automatic dosing method, no need of dedicated manpower
  • Automatic disposal of sludge from main equipment
  • Automatic sensing of dry run to safeguard the recycling plant
  • Clear recycled water
  • 100% water recovery
  • Zero waste water disposal charges
  • Limitless recycling
  • Fully automatic