Automatic Bus/ Truck Washer

ATS ELGI has launched an automatic bus washer that meets the high demand from commercial workshops as they increasingly adopt automation to improve productivity and lower dependence on human resources. The product is ideal for washing both buses and trucks. It is capable of washing buses and trucks of up to 15 metres in length, 2.9 metres in width and metres in height.

The product is set to dramatically improve the efficiency of workshops. At present, it takes at least 4-5 staff and 15-30 minutes to wash a bus manually. Manual washing of a bus also consumes 400-600 litres of water. Now, with the automatic bus washer, a workshop can accomplish the task in 4-7 minutes with only 100-250 litres of water and reduced staff.

  • 3-brush system (1 horizontal and 2 vertical brushes)
  • Safety lock against brush fall due to belt breakage
  • Sensor to detect belt loosening and belt cut
  • Precisely senses the windscreen for washing without damaging the front extended mirrors
  • Overlapping brushes at the front and rear to avoid dead-spots for washing efficiency
  • A contour following system
  • Optimally placed water and shampoo nozzles that cover the vehicle with a minimum number of nozzles
  • Can wash 7 buses or trucks per hour
  • Takes only 7-7.5 minutes to wash with the 2-pass wash system and 4-4.5 minutes to wash with the 1-pass wash system
  • Bbrush system makes simultaneously washing of top and side of a bus possible
  • Streamlines water and power usage
  • Reduces dependence on skilled people
  • Contour following system covers the whole profile of the bus
  • Improves washing quality and maintains it throughout the day
  • Lowers water consumption – max. 250 litres/bus wash (2-pass wash system) and max. 100 litres/bus wash (1-pass wash system)